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If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. ~1 John 1:9

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9:00 AM (India Time)

Pastors Conference


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Hi my name is Pastor Randy Jones, and my wife is Nancy. We are so delighted that you've chosen to visit our website. This may be one of the most significant times in America because we are in the middle of the fight of our lives. The world is watching America and America needs to look toward God for the answer and I believe the answer is found in God's Holy word. So have a look around and find hope and encouragement by watching our teachings and connecting with others that, like you, are looking for the answers. I can promise you that heavy spirit that you had will lift and you'll realize that God is in control.

Pastor Randy will be teaching in an upcoming conference, please keep him in your prayer's during this time. Below is the details

Upcoming Conference

Some of our recent sermons

Randy and Nancy
Pastor Randy

Road to Emmaus

"They're freaked out because they think they've seen a ghost because it's Jesus standing amongst them. And notice that doubt plagues our minds. We're afraid of things and perfect love casts out fear. So love the Lord ask him for direction and notice that you will have the peace of God that will come even in the middle of a storm."...

Randy and Nancy
Pastor Randy


"and led them in a train to eternal life. I just want you to know that those who believe Jesus will come for and there were many hundreds maybe thousands of years from the time of Adam and Eve until Jesus rescued them out of Abraham's holding place. Sometimes referred to as Abraham's Bosom it was the promise that God would not leave us and they waited in Jesus came and rescued them and so just as sure as Jesus came and rescued them he's gonna come and he's gonna rescue you and me maybe one at a time or maybe all of us together.
I want you to be ready friend. I want to be ready. I want to be more like Jesus church stop living like the world stop mimicking the world. Stop playing your guitar like Led Zeppelin and start playing your guitar like Jesus stop playing your drums like buddy. Holly and start playing your drums like Jesus would have you use your gift and use it powerfully but use it like Jesus would have you use it the government is okay sin the government is okay drugs and alcohol because never going to let us bend our minds and lose the conviction power of the Holy Spirit. Deal the wonderful drawing of the conviction of the Holy Spirit right now. I invite you to meet the resurrected. Lord."...

Randy and Nancy
Pastor Randy

Palm Sunday

"Notice how they've silenced this somewhat on the internet. When we talk too much about Jesus when we talk about being Christians, because the devil and those who buy into that system of the world are led by darkness and demons. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities in wickedness and high places according to the Apostle Paul and Ephesians 6.
So now as we look at this the Passover is something Jesus is going to come, and it was the blood of the Lambs that was put on the doorpost that protected them and watched over the people when the death angel came that they might not be killed and that same blood of Jesus can now protect you. ."...


Some of our ministries


Pastoral ministry

As Christian's, Christ calls us to 'Make Disciples of all Men'. One of Randy's best gifts is teaching, and that isn't just for the flock, but equipping other Pastor's so they may lead their sheep in a manner that Glorifies God. Randy offers both online and in person seminars as part of his ongoing ministry. He is also available to speak at your church.

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