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If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. ~1 John 1:9

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Hi my name is Pastor Randy Jones, and my wife is Nancy. We are so delighted that you've chosen to visit our website. This may be one of the most significant times in America because we are in the middle of the fight of our lives. The world is watching America and America needs to look toward God for the answer and I believe the answer is found in God's Holy word. So have a look around and find hope and encouragement by watching our teachings and connecting with others that, like you, are looking for the answers. I can promise you that heavy spirit that you had will lift and you'll realize that God is in control.

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Some of our recent sermons

Randy and Nancy
Pastor Randy

The Weight of Truth

"We should not judge others. We get that and I think that in our politically correct world we really try hard not to judge others. America is not a racist country. Don't let them sell you that bill of goods. We have had the Obama's in our highest level. We have People of all different colors races origins in all parts of our political structure, our church structure, our ministries our outreaches our communities, and that's the freedom to live where you want and do as you please. That's the Bill of Rights. That's the Constitution that we have been granted and that we have now."...

Randy and Nancy
Pastor Randy

Choose Life

"But Job stayed faithful and even Job's friends they weren't really helping him and I hope that you see that as we have opportunity to do his job ultimately did, and that is even though God allows bad things he doesn't do them. I want to say that very clearly God doesn't do bad things to to people but he allows it. It's the DEVIL and the sin that's in the world that brings about the problems in our bodies, our finances, our relationships and so as we begin to let God have Control and be Lord of our marriage be Lord of our finances to be Lord of our lives. All the needs then will be met and God will manifest his miraculous power in our behalf"...

Randy and Nancy
Pastor Randy

Tragedy becomes Victory

"And notice that the message comes even in the midst of suffering for some of you that were able to hear either my testimony at the end of last week's message or you can catch it on testimony Tuesday, it's on the web but it was in it tragedy becomes a testimony and that's the same for you often a tragedy that you might go through turns into God's power just like the tragedy of them, you know, abusing the early church." "...


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As Christian's, Christ calls us to 'Make Disciples of all Men'. One of Randy's best gifts is teaching, and that isn't just for the flock, but equipping other Pastor's so they may lead their sheep in a manner that Glorifies God. Randy offers both online and in person seminars as part of his ongoing ministry. He is also available to speak at your church.

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